if (condition) {
  // code to be executed
  // if the condition is true
} else {
  // code to be executed
  // if the condition is false

Let’s try to change the function from the previous example so that it returns not just the sentence type, but the whole string Sentence is normal or Sentence is question.

public static void main(String[] args) {
  getTypeOfSentence("Hodor"); // => Sentence is normal
  getTypeOfSentence("Hodor?"); // => Sentence is question

static String getTypeOfSentence(String sentence) {
  var lastChar = sentence.charAt(sentence.length() - 1);
  var sentenceType = "";
  if (lastChar == '?') {
    sentenceType = "question";
  } else {
    sentenceType = "normal";

  return "Sentence is " + sentenceType;

We added else and a new block with curly braces. This block will only be executed if the condition in if is false.


Implement the function normalizeUrl, which performs the so-called data normalization. It takes the address of the site and returns it with https:// at the beginning.

The function accepts addresses in the form ADDRESS or https://ADDRESS, but always returns the address in the form https://ADDRESS

You can use the startsWith function to check if the string starts with the https:// prefix. And then based on this, add or not add https://.

Call examples:

normalizeUrl('google.com'); // => 'https://google.com'
normalizeUrl('https://ai.fi'); // => 'https://ai.fi'

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