Java for beginners


The text in programming is called "strings", and this topic is not as simple as it may seem. Escaping, control characters and other aspects often start up novice developers.

Data Types

 Java is a strongly typed language with different data types. You will find out what this means in the current module.


 Information can be placed in special "storage", and then use as many times as necessary. These storages are called modules.variables, and they help simplify the code and reduce unnecessary repetitions.

Function call

 Functions - the bricks from which programmers build systems. Before you create your own functions, we will learn how to use existing ones and combine them.

Definition of functions

 Functions allow you to extend the language with new actions. Defining your own functions is the key to creating full-fledged, meaningful and useful programs.



 Any code can be repeated tens, thousands, millions of times. And in combination with other tools we know — variables and conditions — this opens up many possibilities for building programs and complex systems.

Deep into strings

  Modern string coding and working with them in Java. Localization.