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PHP for beginners

The study of programming is a difficult and lengthy process. Learning the syntax of the language - it is impossible to start without it. This The course is devoted to the basics of writing programs for a PHP. He is preparing a springboard for writing meaningful programs.

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Learning to program is a hard and a long process. And it's not limited to the syntax of a language. We would say that learning syntax is the easiest and the shortest step on the path, but we can't skip it. This Basics module is devoted to the basics of writing programs in PHP. It will serve as the basis for writing more complex programs later.


Originally programming languages were invented for arithmetic calculations. Things have changed since then, and these days programs are created mainly for buisness purpose, to help people in their daily activities and for entertainment. Generally, however, programs are still based on calculations. The most simple and basic topic in programming is arithmetics.


A text in programming is called "strings" and this topic is not that easy as it may seem. Escape characters, control characters and other aspects very often perplex a beginner developer.

Data types

PHP is a weakly typed language with immutable primitive data types. You will find out what it means in this module.


Information can be put into special "containers" and reused as many times as we want. Such containers are called variables. They help to make code easier to read and avoid unneccessary repetition.

Calling functions

Functions are bricks programmers use to build systems. Before we start creating our own functions, first we will learn to use and combine the exsisting ones.
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