How to become an author?

When developing courses, content goes through certain stages: work with the author and methodologists, editors, designers. Below we have collected the main recommendations and approaches that we use for writing text content

How our recommendations can help:

  • Structuring your knowledge

  • Identify blocks of meaning in a text

  • Determine the level of complexity of the material depending on the target audience

  • Explain complicated things in simple language

  • Formatting, editing, and proofreading text

List of recommendations

  1. Use our checklist
    • The lesson is divided into meaningful blocks with subheadings
    • The subtitles are worded to reflect the subthemes of the lesson
    • The rule “One paragraph is one thought” is followed
    • The topic of the lesson is revealed consistently:
      • “From the familiar to the unfamiliar”

      • “From simple to complex”

      • “From the general to the particular”

    • The introduction explains how the lesson is structured, what topics are covered, and why these topics are important
    • The conclusion summarizes and lists the key points

  2. Paragraph and sentence structure
    • No monotonous passages with the same length of sentences

    • No paragraphs with hidden convoluted thoughts (“worth mentioning”, “take note”)

    • No sentences with hidden action (verbal nouns)

    • No sentences with a hidden subject (passive, modal, and reflexive verbs)